August 10th, 2008

Crow: Surge!

First Steps

We finally reached that auspicious day which is sacred in the Halls of Parenting (which are located right behind the Center for Life-Changing Decisions and the Stadia of Excrutiating Childbirth).

Timothy took his first unassisted steps. In fact, he took four or five of them and then topped it off by standing up without any support!

We were at a potluck picnic organized by a coworker at Alki Beach, a waterfront area in western Seattle. There was a whole passel of kids there, many around Tim's age.

Timothy was intrigued by balloons. He spent some time batting at them and chasing them around the grass. He was walking around holding onto my finger, as he's been doing for a month or so. Then, he let go and took a small tottering step. Just on his own initiative. I knew it was probably just a matter of time since when he walked with our fingers, it wasn't like we were really supporting him or anything.

Later, when he wanted to reach something, he stood up by himself. He rolled back onto his feet in a squatting position and then tentatively stretched his legs. It was very wobbly but he managed to lift himself to a standing position... shortly before falling backwards. But cloth diapers double as good impact padding.