September 19th, 2008


The Week Behind and Ahead

Work has been really un-fun busy so I haven't been posting or even consistently reading LJ. Hopefully things will be a bit better next week, though.

I've managed to get some cleaning and organizing done. I even spent a little time on sewing. Also got to play with Timothy. He's getting more experience with this "walking" thing we do.

Finally, I'm getting excited about RainFurrest, our new "local con" down by SeaTac. I'll be doing a few fursuit panels, even. Who on my friends list will be there? Just for fun, let's have a poll:

Poll #1263528 RainFurrest

Are you going to be at RainFurrest next weekend?

Yes, I'll be there!
Possibly, but I might weasel out of it.
I just want another poll option with the word "weasel" in it.