September 23rd, 2008

Sly: Arms Crossed

Cool Photos

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From a photo profile of India: TIGERS!

"Performers dressed as tigers take part in Pulikali, or tiger dance, during festivities in Trichur city, in the southern Indian state of Kerala, September 15, 2008. The ceremony was organised to mark the end of the annual harvest festival, 'Onam'."

Double your pleasure, double your spaceflight: TWIN SHUTTLES!

menagerie73 posted this one. Something that I didn't really expect would come to pass: two shuttle lined up for launch on the pads. The reason, sadly, is not that we've got a gangbuster space program and are launching things hand over fist. It's an insurance policy. The agency is concerned enough about the reliability of the aging vehicles that they've staged the second one as a standby in case a rescue flight is needed. This was an option that was previously judged to be too high-risk, but is now evidently a lower risk probability than something going amiss in the primary vehicle.

Late addition: SpaceX is getting ready for another attempt: TROPICAL ROCKET!

That's a view of the Falcon vehicle standing on the launch pad on Kwajalein Atoll. They did a static test fire today and decided to replace a component in the fuel feed system. Their current launch window is slated as Sep 28th - Oct 1st. (their news)