December 7th, 2008

NaNo Caffeine

Word Puzzle

Every now and then I get in the mood to do a little word puzzle and the rest of you just have to suffer. ;)

Post with your answers (I'm trusting you'll reply without first reading the existing ones) or with any comments. No screening so that you can check your answers against everyone else. Enjoy!

Directions: Each clue has two missing words that go in the blanks. One of these words is the other word but with an "S" added to it. The "S" can be added to the first or second word and it's never just forming a plural.

For example: "Depending on breeding, a rat can be a pet or a peSt."


1. The number ___ isn't ___.
2. The kid ___ his toy somewhere in the vacant ___ by his house.
3. I ___ when I ___ too much stubble.
4. I heard about the drug ___ ___ I wasn't there.
5. He's bi and thus has ___ of both ___.
6. I purchased a ___ and a ___ at the nursery.
7. If you're bald and paranoid about high winds, ___ your wig on your ___.
8. I don't expect a ___ of wind that strong, but that's just my ___ feeling.
9. My transplanted tree took ___ and a bunch of birds ___ in it.
10. When I ___, the ___ on my watch loosens.
11. It was hard to see the ___ in the ___ morning light.
12. The zoo next to the church had an escapee; they recaptured the ___ in the ___.
13. That I never learned fancy card games like ___ bothers me not a ___.
14. A ride from Lexington to Boston could be called a "___ ___."

Bonus Round: More than one "S"

15. Between his lascivious looks and clumsy passes, the ___ was the ___ annoyance.
16. Solar cycles don't affect houseplants; there's no need to ___ during ___ activity.
17. No need to ___ him about going to the doctor when he looks so ___.
18. When the band went fishing, the ___ supplied the ___.