January 29th, 2009

Ratatouille: Blissful

Post-FC Post

Had a fantastic time at FC this year. Thanks to everyone who hung out, ran events, or just said "Hi!" I was on four fursuiting panels, MCed Artpocalypse (the "updated" Iron Artist), and had a bit part in the standup comedy show and Fur-l in the Blank. Quite the full schedule! (But I like programming-heavy con schedules, myself.)

Saw some great new costumes this year! My favorites were the slender, green dragon Lmnop (performed by someone I think wishes to remain anonymous?; built by FurrHappens), the boisterous duck Webber (performed by brokkentwolf; built by latinvixen02), and a sleek, bellydancer afghan hound Johara (performed by someone I didn't know but said "Hi" to briefly). I only managed to get a pic of Lmnop, though. I really wasn't able to carry the camera too much or, to be honest, use it skillfully enough to get good snaps.

Here's my assorted pictures from the trip, including some cute shots of Timothy when we stopped for play time in a park during the looooong car trip. Finally got a picture with Unika (mrianti), an old friend whom I just never managed to corner in suit. Also got some fun shots of Tim thanks to the ever-cool tilt_longtail.

I know this post dwells on fursuiters (hey, they're photogenic!) but I also want to thank all the wonderful friends (some of whom I hadn't seen for quite a while) who spent time with me. Hope everyone else also had a great time.