March 18th, 2009

Colbert: Eyebrow Thing


Yesterday, the Seattle PI printed its last daily edition. It exists now only as a news site on the web, employing only a fraction of its old reporting staff.

A while back, I'd said that I expected newspapers to vanish in the near future. I pegged it at five years, though that was a while ago and it's now about 4.5 remaining. To clarify, I'm thinking about daily printed newspapers, not coupon circulars and free ad gazettes.

It's an interesting battle between the archaic(?) machinery of distributing printed news versus the romanticism surrounding the product. The web is instant, two-way, and low-cost or free. Newspapers, though, represent entrenched journalism and standards that are not widespread on the web (yet). Will our need for established channels let them hang on in the face of superior technology? Will they adapt and evolve, as the Seattle P-I is doing, bringing their journalism ethic to the web and challenging other sites on their own terms?

I'm not anxious to see a demise of newspapers by any means but it's what I see in the cards. Perhaps I'm too cynical and quick to dismiss them... What do you think?

Poll #1367984 Print Newspapers

Most daily print newspapers will be gone...

even sooner!
within the next 4-5 years, yeah.
within the next 5-8 years.
within the next 8-15 years.
much later than you'd expect!
Dr.F: Logic is Hard!

Categories Puzzle

Now, something more light-hearted!

This is a "categories" puzzle (ala Will Shortz) where there's a theme word and then a number of categories. For each one, you need to name different items in the category which begin with the letters in the theme word.

Some categories are a bit trickier than others. I found that for most I'd breeze all the way through except for one or two letters... See how you do! I do have at least one complete set of answers for each of the categories. Feel free to post answers though, as is typical for my puzzle posts, comments are not screened so if you want it to be a challenge do the solving before reading 'em.

Today's theme word is A N T H R O

Example: Phonetic Alphabet
Possible Answers: Alpha November Tango Hotel Romeo Oscar

1. Animals (common names)
2. Trees (varieties of)
3. US State Capitals
4. Chemical Elements
5. Countries
6. Colors (some creativity necessary)
7. Bodies in the Solar System
8. Proper Names from Tolkien's LotR
9. Muppets (names of characters)
10. Instruments

Googleriffic Bonus:
B1. Animals (latin genus)

Silly Bonus:
B2. Anthropomorphics, all about (wild creativity encouraged)