March 29th, 2009

Ratatouille: Relax with Food

Project: Toybox

In case you're curious what (non-fursuit) projects I've been working on, here's the latest. This one is mostly finished as of earlier today. I just need to put some guides on the undersides of the seats and make some canvas bags to hang inside.

Bench and Toybox -- click for larger version

For a sense of scale, the seats are roughly 3.5' x 1.5'.

The frame is 2x2s with some extra uprights for strength. (It should stand up to kids jumping on it.) The rails under the seats are felted; you can see a little of the brown felt peeking out from under the seats. Simple coverings of light fleece pulled around some batting (plus foam for the seats).

I thought it came out rather well!
Crow: Surge!


What if "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" was done as (even more of a) horror movie? And a cheesy "dead teenager" type summer horror movie? The cast would be young nobodies except for maybe one established star now looking for work like... Christoper Lloyd?


Okay, it's not actually a real movie, just a spoof trailer that came out a little while ago. (I guess Christopher Lloyd had a free weekend and a good sense of humor?) Depp's champion of a performance as the slightly-kinda-psychotic Wonka is unchallenged. But this trailer by itself is better than several "real" movies I've seen over the years, honestly.

Also check out the "movie" website and a fun making-of video. It must've been odd filming a horror trailer where most of the shots are either dialog-free or screaming. :D