May 25th, 2009

Ratatouille: Blissful

Garden Project, Day 5

We focused on the garden today and made quite a bit of progress...

Walls built up to height except for the end cap which was left open so we could get the wheelbarrow in and out. Also have the netting posts in place except for the back corner. (This is the state the walls finished the day in, too.)

We then started hauling dirt. What's the greatest part about hauling dirt?

Wheelbarrow rides! This kept Tim amused for a while as we went back and forth with the loads of soil. (As Kit points out, technically we went back and forth while the soil only went forth, hence the net progress.)

Collapse )

So the upper bed is almost done. A couple more bags of concrete and a handful of bricks and the last of the dirt. And there's no rush about building the lower-level bed, either, as our plants are in the ground now.

I got a lot of exercise this weekend, my muscles are letting me know. Now to get a good night's sleep before heading back to work tomorrow. Hope everyone else had a nice Memorial Day weekend, however you spent it. Cheers!
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