June 25th, 2009


Sometimes it's hard to get home

I wanted to leave work at 5:00 but I forgot that I had to pack up some files. I headed out of the building late and saw the company shuttle pulling away.

Not amajor problem... I could catch the city bus that ran down to the ferry dock. I jogged over to the bus stop and just cauht it. No problem.

A block later, it occurs to me that we're moving singularly slowly, even for evening rush hour. Crud. Now I see cops directing traffic in the intersections ahead. There must be a baseball game or something.

I consider getting out and jogging but we are already down to five minutes before the ferry's departure time. Ah well. The game traffic usually gets better after a few blocks.

So when it doesn't and we're at the ferry's departure timebut only a block closer, I call Kit to say I'll be late.

Not more thana minute later, the bus grinds to a stop having taken a corner too tightly and clipped a FedEx truck. The bus pulls over and the delivery guy shows up.

Heck with it. I'm walking.

Waitaminute... Is that a ferry still at the dock? It's ten minutes late and the ferries are rarely late... Maybe. I'll jog, in case it is mine.

They wave me through the turnstile as one of the last passeners! One of the accidents on my commute was actually in my favor!