July 26th, 2009

Ratatouille: Chef's Toque

Food Trivia

You probably know that "tempering" (heat management) is required when working with chocolate to get the right texture...

Did you know that chocolate actually has six different crystal forms? To get a crisp chocolate, for coating or making bars, you want type V which forms between 94 °F and 97 °F. Yep, a three degree window -- or only a two degree window if you use Celsius. Even trickier! ;)

Hence the very precise temperature management needed when working with chocolate. That's your random food trivia for today.

Getting This Done with Software

I'm currently looking around at productivity applications for Mac+iPhone. I use a modified Getting Things Done approach at work.

Things seems like a pretty good choice. Anyone used it? Anyone have recommendations for something else they use?

(Remember the Milk was the other program I was looking at. But it doesn't appear to have an installable app; it works through the website. I've got some security concerns there.)