September 23rd, 2009


RainFurrest 2009

I had a great time at RainFurrest as the fursuit GoH. Thanks again to North and the whole con staff.

We can actually dress up if we choose to.

After narrowly missing opening ceremonies due to an awkward ferry schedule, we got checked into the hotel and spent some time looking around the just-started con.

That evening was a "roast" of yours truly. All things told, they were pretty nice to me (and traded barbs with each other). Shared some passing words with Uncle Kage, who was in attendance. I got a chance to talk to 2 for a bit. Turns out we've both known each other indirectly for some time through our roles in the fandom. Thumper, Twig Mouse, Trey Cat, Croc, Kit, and North were also up at the high table. Good friends (even afterwards). :)

The new guy. A werewolf partial for RF2009.

I brought a new suit along to the con. He's been christened Tatters by Crocodile. Works for me.

He was constructed as an example for the "Fursuiting on the Cheap" panel. I documented a lot of his construction and will be posting details about that in the next week or so. In the meantime, for those not at the panel, how much do you think he cost in materials? (As a hint, it is decent fur. That's the big expense.)

"Fursuit Performance" panel with Kodi, Thumper, Avery, and Yippee. No silliness ensued.

In addition to being on 5 panels myself, I got to attend a couple. RainFurrest has some nice programming. Though due to it being a short con (3 days) the different tracks overlap a lot. I only got to a single writing panel (though I did get to chat with a number of writer and publisher furs I much admire -- thanks Rikoshi, Malin, Rolo, et al). Attended a few fursuit panels, such as the one shown above.

Got to meet some new folks. Klickitat was great and terrific help with some of the panels. She works with Matrices, whom I saw in Beef Jerky (yay!) but never unsuited (I think it's a myth she exists outside of suit).

I was able to sell some books, which is always nice. Thanks to everyone who purchased one. You'll never guess what I do with the proceeds... Yep, attend furry cons. :)

At the closing ceremonies they presented me (well, Tatters) with a framed set of the year's badge and pins. Quite nice. Plus I got to fool around on stage as the wolf so mission accomplished there.

So many events and so many old friends and so many new acquaintances! It's hard to capture it. This will always be a very special con in my memory. Thank you to everyone there.

The traditional post-con ramen at a little noodle house near where I work. It's a tradition because this is the second year.
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