October 11th, 2009

VGCats: Shocked Rat

Lappy Broken? Very Yes.

So if it seems like I've been absent online, there's a reason for that...

My trusty ol' iBook G4 has developed some serious issues around its fifth anniversary. It's one of the chips on the logic board, a problem known for that series of computers.

It was dying after about 3-5 minutes. It just locks up, the screen will go black and then flash different colors or line patterns until you power it down. I tried opening it up for surgery and shimming the chip like this which has helped -- I now get 15-30 minutes before it halts. So that seems to confirm that it's the chip issue yet it's not enough that it's "fixed".

Getting this repaired is like $600 (through Apple, at least). Money we don't exactly have to spend right now. For the moment I'm using my work computer until we figure out how to either save some bucks this month, manage to dig up Kit's old laptop and resuscitate it, or go further into credit card debt. :|

(And, of course, writing ideas are popping up while I'm lappy-less...)