July 23rd, 2010

Tardy Turtle: front

Weird News

Irritating nutcase Fred Phelps sent a chunk of his followers (four of them) down to San Diego to "protest ComicCon". Evidently God is really not into comics? Well, the CC attendees did fandom proud: Comic Con geek counter-protest where they vastly outnumbered the Phelps folks. Shouts of "What do we want?" "Gay sex!" "When do we want it?" "Now!" drowned out the Phelpsian homophobes.

...And what's this? A couple fursuits in the photos. Hey, is that Professor Ape from Greg the Bunny behind that policeman? Skatchamagowza!
Ever thought "I only wish I could combine taxidermy and zymurgy! The result, taxizydergy, would score huge in Scrabble!" Well your wishes have been answered... Kinda. You can now get one of the world's most expensive beers delivered inside of a dead rodent (or mustelid or lagomorph). Ick. Now you can feel ill even before your night of drinking begins.
If you've never seen Awkward Family Photos, you should check the site out to see the heights of contrived poses and nervous facial expressions. But now there's news that one of the featured families has reprised their award-winning awkwardness. They do note that the lineup of people in the new photo is slightly different due to "incarceration, hernia and the frailty of aging". ...Awkward.