September 9th, 2010

Nicodemus: Cheddar

News About Classic Books Featuring Rats

(There aren't that many of them...)

I haven't seen this posted anywhere else. I just stumbled onto it through a long chain of links. It looks like we're in for another interesting adaptation:

The Wind in the Willows. Yup. A book I'm fond of that is, well, hard to adapt. I, at least, have always felt that the storyline was weak and the real strength of the book was the lyrical language, subtle texture beneath the caricatured facades of the characters, and the loving descriptions of lunches. Not things that adapt well to the screen.

Article and trailer. They list "spring 2012" as the release date.

The good: It's being done by Weta Workshop, who've done Lord of the Rings, Narnia, and a handful of other films. So top notch effects.

The worrisome: "[The] script supposedly keeps some elements of the original story 'while changing the emphasis on others to provide a more streamlined conflict.' The animals join forces 'to save their land from a sinister plot that threatens to destroy the uneasy truce between the peaceful animals of the Willows and what remains of Mankind.'"