October 1st, 2010

Ratatouille: Relax with Food

RainFurrest Rocked

RainFurrest was a blast this year! Had a great time. Was there with Kit and Trey. Got to hang out with a lot of old friends as well as make some new ones.

I was on five panels in the fursuit track. They seemed to go over pretty well along with the resources handouts (which I posted online here earlier). Thanks to my great co-panelists (Klickitat, Aeto, Ithabise, Kodi, Thumper,... Did I forget anyone?)

I also got to actually attend some writing panels, too. RF has a good writers' track. I especially like a couple of the sessions hosted by Kyell and KM Hirosaki, some delightfully talented and friendly furs. Really helped me get enthused about writing again.

There was even a writing contest which, given my panelist schedule, I couldn't even delude myself into entering. My wife, however, did enter and... she won! Yay!

Finally, I got to the dance this year in fursuit. It's been too long since I danced in suit... For one thing, I really notice my endurance has gone down. I prefer to believe that this is due to lack of regular practice than aging (especially since the former is easier to overcome). Still was a darn fun time!

Pics are our new coyote characters, Malice and Mischief, at the Saturday night dance. Top photo by Kit; bottom photo by Collings Lion.