October 5th, 2010

Sly: Dancing w/ Carmelita

AJ & Tamar's Wedding

As I mentioned previously, we went to a wedding this past weekend. Whereas the last was a more traditional ceremony, this was an invite to a reception at Teatro ZinZanni (in SF) and the invitation stipulated "costumes encouraged". Well... I don't take such words lightly!

Our new outfits for the occasion. This has been my project for the last two months or so. I created the vests, skirt, cravats, and choker from scratch. I modified my jacket a bit, too. I think we ended up looking pretty smart!

The groom, of Scottish descent, was in a proper kilt and regalia, as were many of his party. A number of other guests went the Victorian route or just plain dapper. So it was quite a colorful group. Much fun was had!