October 30th, 2010

VGCats: Armored Furry

PA Furs Lose House in Fire

A neighbor's house caught fire and became quickly involved in a major fire. The fire spread to a house being rented by four furs (evidently owned by another fur, too) and they had to evacuate quickly. They've lost almost everything they own because of this.

Furry fandom is about community. I like to think we look out for each other. Please help out if you can; a little bit from all of us can make a big difference for these folks. They're also looking for warm clothes (L, XL).



Wore my Victorian/steampunk outfit to work yesterday. It was nice to have a costume that didn't interfere with working... well, kinda. :)

I have awesome coworkers, I've determined. At least four people were disappointed I wasn't a big furry critter. :D However people were impressed with the outfit, saying I looked quite dapper. They were doubly impressed when I revealed that I'd sewn parts of it.

Tomorrow, unless it's really pouring, we're all gonna head downtown. Bainbridge does a trick or treat event on our picturesque main street. I'll try to get some good pics!