December 11th, 2010

Nicodemus and Son

A "Daddy Rat" Moment

It began, you see, because Timothy loves receiving packages in the mail. He's at an age where getting things in the mail is somewhat magical, an unexpected boon, and it has your very own name on it.

Being Amazon Prime members, we don't pay for shipping on individual orders. We also totally (ab)use this system. You can get things like this $1.50 easy maze book delivered. (And delivered with "Timothy" on the label, which is a very important part to remember.)

The result is that Timothy has discovered he really likes mazes. He finger-traces through these mazes (and another book of them) pretty quickly now!

So, being a rat, I've always been fascinated by mazes. And I'm an old paw at drawing them... Used to draw piles of them, really. Without really thinking about it too much, I got out a piece of paper and drew a maze for Tim while he watched. It has a rabbit because his main exposure to mazes has been animal-themed and Timothy said it needed a bunny.

Tim's first maze from daddy rat!

Timothy LOVED IT. I don't think he realized that you could just sit down and spontaneously draw mazes! I don't even consider this a very good maze because it's all freehanded and I was just making it up as I went along. But he was so impressed that, after tracing the solution with his finger a good half-dozen times, he wanted to select this as the toy he took to bed to sleep with! (Being a piece of crinkly paper, we did eventually convince him that there were cuddlier choices.)

So today we've been doing more mazes. He wanted a "really tough" maze so I freehanded another one. And I'll just note that it's hard to freehand concentric circles. :P

A tough maze for a big boy solver.

This one took him a minute, since I did build in some good feints and loops. But he solved it soon enough and was darn proud of the accomplishment. :)

We went through several more pieces of paper today, sitting on the floor with crayons and collaboratively creating mazes by taking turns drawing walls. Fun times! It warms a daddy rat's heart. :D