December 21st, 2010

MST3K: Hi-keeba!

Rats Can't Resist Cheesy Movies

It's "The Space Giants"! This is one of those awesome (meaning "causing awe") relics. It was originally a Japanese comic/manga, then a TV series in '66, and was later imported, chopped up, and released as a US serial.

Here's episode 18 of the US version... You could start with episode 1 but, really, it's not going to be much more coherent.

"Goldar, a fifty-foot robot, and his electronic space family are created to defend our world."

Wow. Sorry, but it's a bad sign that I have trouble getting through the first sentence of the intro narration. :)

Still... There's Birdaurus, giant bird-monster! Amusing kaiju all around! And "1 billion volts of energy"! Excitement! Fresh fruit!

Enjoy. Share this fun with your electronic family today!