January 21st, 2011

Sly: Dancing w/ Carmelita

FC2011 - Con Report At Last

Rather than any sort of comprehensive con report it's more a selection of little moments.


Flight departs late, with much airline hassle, but we managed to get to the hotel in the early evening.

Life is immediately made better upon arrival because I get lombax hugs. Squeak! Lots of fursuits already wandering about the lobby. Thursday this year feels like Saturday last year.

We put in the extra money to get a suite this year, wanting a bit more space. The room is indeed nice. It's even named with a plaque on the door: "Sutter". We spend the weekend wondering if we can modify the sign to be "Suiter".

In the luxury room is a luxury toilet nook with a phone. What struck me is that the phone has two lines. Yes, you can not only take a call while pooping, you can put them on hold and call someone else while pooping! Such are the amenities in the rooms of the rich and powerful!

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That was my FC, at least the random highlights reel. Apologies to the many wonderful folks I got to meet up with whom I didn't call out here by name -- there was lots of sincerely great times with friends even if you weren't part of this amusing bullet points post. I've just given up trying to do the OMG-huge-name-roster thing. :)

I look forward to next year, when we'll be moving up to the SJ convention center! Dang. I remember when we started this thing.. It's staggering, sometimes, to think about how the fandom has grown. And the amazing talents and diveristy we have, too. It's a strange and wonderful thing to be a part of... Squeaks to you all!