September 15th, 2011

Ratatouille: Blissful

Featured on FNN ; busy busy ; RainFurrest

Things have been really busy lately. At work, projects I'm on are heating up. One is about to launch and I'm having to help direct that.

At home, Charlotte is getting into the cute cooing baby phase that is adorable (when she's not crying) but very time-intensive and emotionally draining. Timothy's doing well, getting ready to go back to preschool; he's still doing a fine job as a big brother. I'm so proud!

I've been meaning to post this but... well, see above comments about being busy. :)

I am featured as Fursuiter of the Month for September on FNN. Quite a nice piece, I think. And Kijani did such a great job editing that I sound like I'm all intelligent when I talk or something! Many thanks, Kijani. :D

Finally, RainFurrest is coming up next week. OMG, how did it get to be so close!

I'm seriously looking forward to this con. Particularly after the stress at work, this will be a nice break. (You all are coming too, right? Good!) I'll be there, bouncing around between panels and hangin' out in the evenings. If you see me, definitely say "Hi" (or "Squeak").