December 30th, 2011

Colbert: Eyebrow Thing

Political Shtuff

It looks to me that Romney is going to clearly take Iowa. I've thought he would for a week or so but now it seems to be solid. I think he's going to actually have a win by a fair margin, as voters may poll for other candidates but, when it comes time, will go with the solid competitor. He's got a strong image.

What will happen to the field after Iowa? I think that if Romney takes the state, he'll remain on top. I think it'll be very hard for others to get the momentum since Romney has been pretty solid on poll numbers, not swinging up and down like everyone else.

Then it'll be a drawn out and painful race with Obama. (Hopefully Obama can take him. At this point, if I have to guess, I'd predict a narrow Obama win unless we see another serious drop in the economy.)

In a way, I kind of hope Ron Paul wins Iowa, just because it would be a spectacular upset and result in some very interesting debates/discussions/whinging/railing. (And it looks like our own raving loony canidadates are well down in the numbers, so none of the other "interesting" ones will take it.)

Gonna be quite the political parade. :P
Comp Lounging


(Expanded from a G+ post a couple days back)

The Twine Project

There's a group on Kickstarter that wants to produce these little sensor blocks (time, temperature, moisture, vibration, etc.) that know how to use wifi to send messages (email, text, tweet, http). Simple setup, simple application, major possibilities. (They give the example of a moisture sensor texting you "basement flooding!") This seems to me a much more likely path to get to the "smart house" than the over-engineered showpieces by tech companies. Modular and user-defined.

Their funding goal was $35K and they're currently at $445K; they're on track to get nearly a half million in pledged funding. (That's pretty incredible conceptually, too.)

As my wife said, "Isn't it amazing when you can see the future coming?"

Also, a funded campaign that's heading toward production:

Revo Bike Lights

Bike lights that mount on your wheel rims. They use ultrabright LEDs to create the effect of a headlight and a brake light by synchronizing to the spinning of your wheels.

It's like those persistence of vision toys that create images with a strip of LEDs moving back and forth (and, indeed, they have adaptations of those for bike spokes), except that this is put to a practical purpose. Nice!

Or if you're really holding out for a bizarre and furry Kickstarter item, there's the Monster Violinist still trying to make his goal. Yup, a fiddling werewolf is out busking... It's even a hard economy for creatures of the night.