January 17th, 2012


FC 2012 Recap

Getting There
This year, Kit and I flew down. We traveled without the kids this time. They got to stay with various pairs of grandparents in a win-win-win scenario. It’s the first vacation without kids in a while but it allowed us to do so much more at the con.

We arrived Thursday and went through registration. We met up with folks and took care of some planning.

I was doing fewer events this year -- just two! I was MC for the Next Iron Artist and I hosted the Rodents panel. It was kinda nice to not be so events-driven and have much more of a relaxed con. Led to lots more socialization and chatting with old friends, which I very much enjoyed, though I also ended up seeing fewer other con programming events, which was a bummer. (I particularly wish I’d had a chance to attend some more writing panels and maybe the Exotic Materials fursuit panel, always fun.)

Iron Artist
Trey and I were commentators for this event with help from Confused and Genevive. This was not the formally-structured event from past years with three artists and three challengers. Instead, this was a multi-round all-comers elimination tourney.

It was a fun change and, though a bit longer show and with a bit smaller audience, I do think everyone had a good time with it. Thanks to Tricuspa for organizing the event.

I did get out and about in fur a bit. Also got to hang out and chat with a bunch of fursuiting friends. Thanks so much to all of you for the good time. I think, more than anything, I really needed a chance to just unwind and chatter with folks. Re-establish those connections.

There were also a lot of wonderful suits around I’d not seen before. I am always amazed at the artistry in this fandom!

One afternoon, though, I did catch Arokh taking a smoke break. He popped off his head and pulled out a cigarette. Spoiling the magic like that! I told him that HARDCORE fursuiters just smoke with their heads still on.* Shape up!
          * Note: Not recommended. In fact, I legally disclaim that I just said this.

Frolic and Dances
I finally got to a Frolic! Hazrat went out dancing. I even managed to get there during Thumper’s set. Double score!

Trey (in his snow leopard partial, dubbed Reginald von Flüffernütter) and Kit and I spent some time jumping about. Because the patio area was so crowded it wasn’t possible to do much more than move vertically, we headed back to the hotel after a while to check out the dances there.

The secondary stage was doing dubstep, which doesn’t appeal to me at all, but the main stage had a heavy set going about 140 BPM. So Hazrat and Reginald raved over there for a bit. I actually got to do some moves and try out some footwork, which was neat.

We headed back up to the room around 1:15am. I go in suit about 10:30, so that was a pretty good run for some hard dancing in there. (About a 15 min break in the headless lounge to rehydrate in there.) It turned out to be just the right amount for me. I felt tired and slightly sore but not sick or headachey, which has been a problem in the past; it’s really encouraging that I can get a decent fursuit run in and pace myself. It’s the little joys in life. ;)

Seeing in Fursuit
For Halloween, I got disposable contact lenses. It made a huge difference though I figured out there that I had a lens inside-out which is why it was so irritating.

FC was the fourth time I’d worn contacts (at least, in this past decade). It took me about a half hour to get them in. By then, of course, my eyes were red and watering. But after another half hour they’d settled down and things were comfortable.

HOT DAMN, seeing clearly in fursuit is such a boon! I’m used to being heavily nearsighted whenever I’m out performing. Recognizing faces more than 10 paces away? Seeing walkways and buildings at a distance? That made such a huge difference in the enjoyment factor of it as well as the comfort; I could relax much more since I wasn’t having to devote as much effort to deciphering my surroundings. I didn’t realize how much it had impaired me.

Now I just need to remember all this when I next have to spend a half hour stabbing my finger into my eyeball and remind myself that it’s WORTH IT.

Held the Rodent panel late on Sunday but a fair number of folks were around for it. Had about half familiar faces and half new; maybe 20 rodents in the room overall. I shared some rodent trivia to get things started. (What’s the second-largest species of rodent, since everyone knows the capybara is the largest rodent? What type of rodent has “rattles”?)

Then we gave over to chatter about our rodents of choice, how we saw our connection with them, what art (including fursuits) people in the group created, what cool rodent items they’d found here and there. Special thanks to all the rodent furs who came by.

Shopping and Such
Purchased some stuff at the art show as well as the Dealers’ Den. From talking to folks behind the tables, it seemed to be a much better year for sales. (Kigs, don’t forget you need to send me that commish when it’s done, hm?)

Had some excellent meals with folks. Also, for FC next year, note that there is a pair of shops about four blocks away: Philz Coffee and La Lune Sucrée. Totally worth the walk. Quality coffee and tea alongside a european bakery and crêperie.

It’s also pleasantly surreal to see fursuits, tails, and ears wandering around downtown San Jose. I admit, there is some pathetically furry place inside me that gets warm fuzzy feelings when I see anthro figures moving along in an otherwise mundane crowd. (“Hmm… businessman, mother and daughter, dragon, someone grocery shopping, neon rabbit,…”) It never gets old and never fails to delight. I guess I’m fated to be furry. :)

Weirdest thing I said all weekend: “Are my teeth on straight?”