March 7th, 2012

Colbert: Eyebrow Thing


Super Tuesday resulted in another split for the chaotic Republican primaries.

Romney's campaign says losing the nomination would take an "act of God". Statistically, they are probably correct. They are definitely heading toward closing it out but that hubris is just asking for trouble.

It would be really interesting if Gingrinch threw his support to Santorum in response. (Gingrinch as VP on the ticket?) And I mean "interesting" as a non-Republican observer.


Just found out from unclekage and 2 that Waarhorse passed away from a heart attack.

I knew him only as a friend I saw here and there at cons. But I did have several longer conversations with him about writing and the fandom and he struck me as a sharp guy. A serviceman, too, earning his fan name. Shame to see him go.