March 21st, 2012

Ratatouille: Whaa?


Given the topics of “puzzles” and “rats” in the recent meme, I decided to create another word puzzle. It shouldn’t be too difficult. Assume that comments may contain answers/spoilers so don’t read until you’ve made your own attempt at the puzzle. Enjoy! :)

Replace the “rats” with six-letter words that contain the letters R, A, T, and S, plus two others, in any order.

1. If you wear a tail out in public you may get a lot of RATS.
2. Mechanical aptitude is one of the RATS covered by the test.
3. Between the winter snowstorms they had to RATS my street.
4. This painting doesn’t appeal even though I normally like the RATS.
5. To reach the mezzanine you go around the corner and use the RATS.
6. I’ve always wanted to see the RATS of Gibraltar.
7. I got drinks at the drivethru but forgot the RATS.
8. I’m sure Demento fans remember the Ray Stevens novelty song, “The RATS”.
9. Pet rats love yogurt RATS.
10. I planted marigolds, zinnias, and RATS.