April 27th, 2012

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Why Norway is Awesome
Breivik, the man responsible for the horrible public slaughter last year, is being held in jail. He has said, in as many words, he's motivated to keep Norway culturally pure. He named the song "My Rainbow Race" as a specific example of Marxist influence which he loathed. In response, approximately 40,000 people assembled and sang outside the jail to counter his message. Peaceful and effective. Go Norway!

Tiger Bread
Attention felines! Did you know that what Americans call "dutch crunch" is more properly called "tiger bread"? I expect sandwich bread choices will now be unduly influenced for tiger furries. :D

Amazon Posts Good Results
Amazon released the Q1 Financial Results. Wall Street was impressed and the stock posted remarkable gains, going from roughly 193 to 227 (+17%) over the past few days. As Jeff is fond of reminding employees, though, "If the stock goes up 10%, don't feel 10% smarter. Because when it goes down 10%, you don't want to have to feel 10% dumber."

BTW, Amazon is hiring... Seattle-based experienced software developers, technical program managers, and dev team managers. Let me know if you're interested! :)

Draw Something
I've been enjoying the app Draw Something, which is evidently becoming a widely popular app. Playing it with friends, I've drawn more in the last two weeks than the past two years! If you like, you can find me with the username Nicodemus Rat. I play a round every day or two.