June 6th, 2012


Ray Bradbury Passed Away

Ray Bradbury Dies at 91

A great writer and certainly an inspiration. He was always curious, interested in science fiction and real science.

He wrote a number of haunting and inspiring stories, such as Farenheit 451. But he also made lots of little contributions...

Have you heard the term "butterfly effect"? It means that slight alterations in initial conditions, in chaotic systems, can result in major changes later on. It's named for the idea that a time traveler doing something as minor as killing a butterfly in the past could have a cascading and unforeseen effect on the future.

That butterfly scenario? It came from a Bradbury short story in 1952.
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Squeatweet! Squeatweet!

The rat is finally twittering. I know, I know.

I signed up because there were enough friends and conversations over there and the user name (nicodemusrat) was still available. So what the heck. We'll see how much I actually use it.

So what about LJ? I’ll still be here. But let me take a moment to recap where I am these days:

LJ -- I still try to read my full friends list and am about 90% successful on at least scanning everything. I post any commentary/non-fiction/social stuff more than a few sentences here (even if that means a few duplicated crosspostings). This is still my “main” site.

Twitter -- I read a bit here and there but don’t expect that I’ll see all the news you tweet. I read maybe 3% of what goes by. I plan to mainly use Twitter for tossing out photos of cooking, photos of crafts/fursuit stuff, and nonsequitor observations. This one is still new so we’ll see how that evolves as time goes on. Login is nicodemusrat.

G+ -- As much as I think the platform is cool, it does not seem to be heavily used. I read maybe 50% of what is posted here. I primarily share news articles and some photos here. Login is nicodemustherat.

FA -- As much as I think the platform is lacking, it seems to be heavily used. :P I don’t use or read FA journals. I use FA for sharing furry art (costumes, drawing, writing, etc.) and seeing the art of others. This is probably my least-used platform but I’m trying to slowly ramp up on it and showcase more of my work. Login is nicodemusrat.

LinkedIn -- On here under my real name for professional and industry contacts.

That’s the full list of my different “social networks” to connect with me. (No, I’m not on Facebook.)

Feel free to comment on this or make suggestions about sites or ways to use these sites. Since it is a social network, it’s also about the readers, so I’d like to hear what you like and what you’re doing.