June 24th, 2012

Nicodemus and Son

Lego Inheritence

Today I officially handed over my Legos -- which my parents have kindly and dutifully stored for years -- to my son.

If you note how deep that box is... that's a fair chunk of bricks! It's an amalgamation of sets I got over a number of years. Castles, cars, cities, rockets -- they're all in there. And this is without some sets of special blocks that I kept aside for years later: some technics, electric motor, medieval uniforms and weapons, and pneumatics.

And yes, that is a ship hull on the top. It's in sections so you can change the lenght. You can also play with it in the bathtub! Excellent Lego idea there. (Make your own Lego Titanic?) Tim took it into the bath tonight, even.

I have to admit, handing over the blocks was an unexpectedly emotional moment. Legos were always my favorite toys. It's nice to see him excited about them. (And I reminded him that, once Lottie is old enough, they are to be shared.)

He, naturally, didn't have the same reaction. His was more like: "Really? ALL these? It's not even my birthday or Christmas or anything!" :D