July 28th, 2012

Sly: Arms Crossed

The Olympiad Begins

The family just watched the opening of the Olympic Games... Well, Lottie conked out somewhere around Guyana in the parade of nations, Tim crashed during the march of the olympic flag... but most of us were physically present in front of the TV for major portions of it, which I think really embodies the spirit of the enterprise, anyway.

Beautiful ceremony and LOVE the design of the flame's cauldron.

There aren't too many sports that I'm really interested in. The summer games have two favorites, though.. beach volleyball (more exciting than indoor I think) and table tennis.

I like playing and watching table tennis. The pros are amazing!

So I just checked the TV schedule of our local NBC station (we get over-the-air, not cable) and there is.... one hour of table tennis. At 12:30 in the morning. And it's split coverage of that and whitewater rafting.

One of the olympic sports and it gets maybe a half hour of local coverage. NOT BITTER. Nope. :P

Hopefully they'll make decent quality videos available online this year. That'll be more convenient anyway. Ah well.