October 31st, 2012

Ratatouille: Blissful

Public Fursuiting Day aka Halloween

I pulled out my ol' werewolf, Tatters, for this Halloween. I romped around work -- goofed around with a lot of folks and got one really fantastic jump-and-flee scream.

Then I came home and joined the family for traditional downtown Winslow trick or treating. This time we had a special guest, the charming Marko Rat. It was his first ever trick or treating since he lives in Australia where they don't celebrate Halloween with such costumed gusto. Good times!

Fursuiting was wonderful. I was in suit for 5 hours (with a good heads-off break in the middle). I was a werewolf at work, in the city, on the ferry, in Winslow, and in the grocery store. My feet ache, my toe got pinched, my shoulders are sore, my head was rushing and dizzy and threatening to tip over into a migraine. Yet it was wonderful!

I just love it. I made people smile by coming around corners. I made them giggle just by waving. I high-fived kids and adults, spooked people, and got my photo taken a few dozen times.

I was happy and I made people happy. Fursuits are magical.