January 23rd, 2013

Rat: Inflatable

Further Con Reports (FC2013)

I'm back and fighting the usual Post-Con Depression. This was a great FC and I really enjoyed it. Personally, it was a much-needed break. As a con, it ran fairly well and had a good vibe this year.

I got to hang out with a giant purple bunny! What's not to love?

Selected pics in this album

Saw lots of friends, chatting and hung out, and met a few online friends iRL for the first time (Rizzo, HypnoBeast, AxelRoo, and more!). And actually got a chance to talk suit details with Deezlberries, which was terrific. I attended some of the panels, including the usual great presentations by Lance (furtech here on LJ) and WhiteFox.

Trey and I even got out to the Saturday night dance in our coyotes. I enjoyed a bit of high-energy raving. Fun! And sometime while out that night I picked up a fursuiter tag; possibly at the dance. Between limited vision in suit and being nearsighted without glasses, I'm honestly not sure!

Also got tackled by the drunk husky crew. Curse you, Maxx! You hunted me down this year. :)

I ran the Rodent panel but otherwise had no staff obligations. That went well. I borrowed a laptop from Trey and we did a little slideshow quiz on famous TV and movie rodent characters. Speaking of rodents, SiberHamster, lookin' cool:

All in all, a great con. Thanks to my friends, furries all around, and the con staff for making this weird journey so darn wonderful. And fuzzy. Squeak!
Ratatouille: Blissful

Gourmet Dining - Manresa

As a special splurge, Trey, Kit, and I went out to a fancy restaurant. We try to have a nice dinner out each FC but this one was exceptional.

We went to Manresa by chef David Kinch. This restaurant has held two Michelin stars for five years.

It was elegant without being stiffly formal. The staff was attentive and smoothly choreographed in their movements, showing professional skill and attention to detail. Yet quite friendly and eager to assist.

We opted for the tasting menu... And, oh, what a meal! 14 different dishes. It would make Remy proud. :D

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