June 3rd, 2013

Colbert: Eyebrow Thing

Invention Short-Circuiting

One odd thing about the Internet that happens now and then... I'll think of something that should exist and be able to quickly discover that it does.

There's always something slightly disappointing, though. I mean, I came up with that idea! I totally just invented that concept now. Yet it's been done.

At least I can efficiently discover it's been done and move forward. So that works out, I guess.

Today's item? Folding shelves for a suitcase. I was picturing it as an accordion arrangement where you place the suitcase on the luggage rack (as anchor weight) and lift up to hook on a closet rod. But it turns out they just make the shelves as a removable unit you hang up separately.

"Shelves-To-Go Packable Suitcase Shelves" on Amazon

So no patent and desperate infomercial career for me. Phooey.
(Wait.. actually, that makes me happy again!)