August 2nd, 2013

MST3K: Ew.

Stomach Stories

Last Sunday, I noticed my nose felt a little tingly and itchy.

On Monday morning, my throat was a little sore but not bad. Slightly sniffly.

"Bah!" I said, waving dismissively as I left for work. "Nothing but a minor summer cold."

"Of course, that's riiight," the virus said, twirling its microbial mustache mischievously. "I'm certainly not a brief and vicious flu virus... Just a harmless cold as far as you can tell, at least until about 10 o'clock tonight..."

So Monday night I got about two hours of sleep between chills and cramps.

Tuesday I "worked from home" though "worked from bed" was a more accurate status. (I oversaw the launch of one of my software projects while curled under the blankets.)

Lots of soup and juice and tea helped me bounce back from the vicious virus victory.

And today, my stomach and digestion are almost finally back to normal. Whew. What a week.
Dr.F: Buh?

Out of Context Ads

From Lileks, a Hanes ad from the 50's. I don't know if it made more sense back then or was as much as WTF as it is now.

What's exactly the ad message here? "Wear Hanes and get eaten by wild lions"?