January 23rd, 2016


FC 2016

Kit and I flew down to FC. The flight was an inauspicious start to the trip...


SF was stacked up due to weather. We actually took off at 11:15 or so. Didn't get to Trey's house (and thus to a bed) until around 2am. Since I had gotten up at 6am for work that morning it made for a long day and a grumpy rat.

But we did finally manage to get to FC, showing up Friday. Things improved from there, at least for me. Trey was feeling ill and unfortunately needed to rest at home a bit. Fortunately he was able to join us for the tail end of the con.

RC Mouse (and bonus background husky)

Midori (in her new colorful gator suit!) and Weichund. Cool folks and glad I got to see 'em.

We got to check out Reveille and the Swingin' Tails doing their jazz concert. (In case you're wondering about the menu, the con theme was "American Diner".)

I hadn't expected to get to hear a jazz concert but it was really great! Lot of fun and they really had some fun with those tunes.

More hanging around and seeing the fursuits around the hotel...

...plus attending panels on fursuit construction and writing. That kinda sums up my con experience. :)

This was the props panel by Matrices (foreground), Alexis Rudd / Redstorm (middle), and Lance Ikegawa (rear). All folks I know, as it happens. I don't tend to do much with props for my suits so this was an interesting one. If you can see the ice cream cone lying there behind the orange popsicle ("paw-sicle"), I ended up purchasing that. :)

A wild Raver Saber appears! Such a pretty suit. :)

Speaking of pretty suits, got to hang with my friend Twig Mouse and his partner Weasely. They were nice enough to invite us up to the room for some cheese and chat. Rodential relaxation!

Around the con, people had stepped up to provide services for the attendees.
Here is our fursuit greeter in requisite blue vest showing all the energy and enthusiasm of a genuine WalMart greeter. (Brilliant performance idea.)

Wolever, a regular appearance in the evening hours, helped ensure everyone got their dose of sugar.

Sugar-glazed free-for-all!

I also met a fellow I hadn't seen before. He was nice but a little hungry... Fortunately this badger carried snacks with him. :)

Badger badger badger... Snake!
It's a snake! Dia (aka Bree) had some of her reptilian pets along so Kit got a chance for some python petting.

So that's a quick visual recap of the con. Hope everyone else who went had a good time too. Squeaks!