Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

Digital News Bits

  • When you hear talk about creating massive federal databases of citizen information (and "if you have nothing to hide" that's okay, right?), please bear in mind the news story about how hackers stole the Virginia Health Professions DB which included about 8 million patient prescription records (including things like address and SSN). FBI are investigating and everyone's tight-lipped about the incident. Will the state pay $10M ransom? Will millions of Virginians' records be sold on the black market? Both?

  • Duke Nukem Developer 3DRealms is Closing. Aw, man! They had the longest-lived non-product in the industry! And it was in pre-production beat pre-release near-gold, too. What will we make vaporware jokes about now?

    Edit: Check out this list of the history of DNF and a comparison of events and things accomplished in the same time. (The World Trade Center and Golden Gate Bridge were built in the time it took to fail to make DNF.)

  • If you missed it, check out the XKCD on Swine Flu and Twitter.

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