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Garden Project, Day 3

After a third day of work we've... got a lot less done than I'd hoped. This is a big project (we knew that) and it'll take quite a while to fully realize. But we're hopeful that the upper bed (first to be planted) will be done soon.

As Kit pointed out, on the show "Ground Force" you always see them grabbing anyone vaguely nearby and giving them wheelbarrows and shovels. Now we understand. Since Timothy's helping most of the time, we're about the equivalent of 1.5 people. Digging out large planting beds and bricklaying is a big task for 1.5 typical people (We'll call them "Fred" and "Geo-" for reference), let alone distracted and distractable parents.

Retaining wall that will be back of middle bed and front of upper bed. Still needs another row of bricks.

I look at the wall in progress and see that it's coming along well although one end seems to slope a bit. As does the other.

What's exciting and invigorating about home projects like this is that it reminds you that the only difference between you and a professional contractor is years of experience and skill.

What happens to your driveway after you order $150 worth of dirt.

This will all have to be moved around to the garden plot once the retaining walls are done. I estimate this represents only thirty-five thousand wheelbarrow trips.

Retaining wall under construction. Toddler included for scale.

Timothy is enjoying helping out and is sometimes even helpful! Here, he's scraping extra concrete dribbles from the wall face.

We went through another few bags of concrete. That stuff doesn't go as far as I expected but at least it's cheap. Well, there will be plenty more Home Depot trips before this project is done.

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