Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

Happy Fourth!

We're down in Portland with family for the holiday weekend.

This morning we went out to a Bullwinkle's family fun center with Tim and his cousins (and their folks). We had a good family-oriented time with the games and toys there. They have a kids' ride called Frog Hopper that's like a miniature version of those drop towers except that it bounces down in steps.

Timothy was just large enough so we tried it... He was bawling afterwards. Fortunately, he was bawling because we were trying to explain that, no, he couldn't ride it again and we had to let other people ride. We had to pry him out of the seat! That boy's gonna grow up to be a roller coaster junkie, I just know it. (As parents, we couldn't be prouder!)

They have a crawl tube setup there that's several times larger than any one I'd seen before. It went up five levels! So I went in it with Timothy and spent quite a while crawling, wriggling, and clambering about. It was a good upper body workout. Tim liked it and kept leading me around, exploring different tunnels.

Did I like it? I think I can answer that in one (trademarked) word: "Habitrail" :D

We also watched the local parade. This is a community-level event but it's good fun. (I'd love to get a fursuit out there one of these years!) The firemen handed out "Jr Fire Fighter" stickers to kids along the route. Timothy got one but it partially tore so that for most of the day he was labeled as a "Jr Fire Fig", causing everyone to realize that "JR and the Fire Figs" would be a good name for a rock back.

Later in the day, we had an unfortunate family event and had to stop by the hospital for some emergency tests. That was a less fun part of the day and I really can't recommend to people that they make it part of their Fourth of July tradition.

I was joking as we entered that we had to be one of the few people coming to the ER for something not fireworks-related. Turns out my sister-in-law asked one of the nurses during some idle time and they actually have a tally sheet in the break room with three columns: Fireworks, Booze, and Drugs. (I didn't ask which was leading.)

We wrapped up the evening with a fireworks show and I was very glad that we were able to make it. We went to a bluff that was across the river from a major show in the city. It was a little ways away but still close enough to really appreciate the sights and sounds. That's one thing that makes fireworks special: they're still something you have to see live to appreciate.

It was a grand show that went on for quite some time. Timothy loved it, too. We had been hesitant because of the noise but he didn't complain. He even asked for "more colors" during some pauses in the show. :)

Now we're back at my in-laws where Timothy just fell right into bed when we got back; he hasn't even been disturbed by the intermittent, echoing -- and sometimes very close by -- bangs. Happy Fourth of July, everyone! (For international readers, that still applies unless you're using an alternate calendar with no July 4th. Have a happy day regardless of holiday status.)

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