Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

Weekend Snapshot

It was an exciting, whirlwind sort of weekend. Just a few quick notes:

  • kit_ping decided that now was the time to paint Timothy's room. The weather was nice and hot, she had the paint already, and she just felt like getting it done. The bad news is that she hardly slept that night for painting. The good news is that it looks a lot better in there!

  • Timothy got a "big boy bed". He's been looking forward to this because it means he gets Thomas the Tank Engine sheets. (Admit it. You're totally jealous.) So it's out with the crib and in with a full-size mattress that, we discovered, will just fit inside a Saturn Vue if you fold it and drive home hunched over so you feel like you're 80.

  • I'm working on curtains for his room. They're cut and half sewn at this point. I also put up curtains over the laundry nook off the downstairs hall which helps a lot with creating a neater appearance. No matter how much you organize, it's hard to make a laundry area "tidy".

  • marko_the_rat came by to visit on his US tour. We spent time in the city, he stayed the night, we took some fursuit photos, and generally had a nice time chatting. As always, a kind and gentle rat. Lovely to see him again.

  • While in the city with him, we saw the Jim Henson exhibit at Seattle Center (EMP/SFM). As a lifelong muppet fan, that was pretty cool. They had some original muppet pieces (a Kermit that Jim used), a number of props, and a variety of sketches and videos. Quite cool, I thought. Marko, Kit, and Tim also seemed to enjoy themselves.

  • Whipped up a yummy northwestish sandwich: smoked salmon, lettuce, shaved cheddar, and capers on bread and topped with lemon-dill aoli. Mmmmm.

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