Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

Meet Martha!

There reaches a time when you realize that your life is too simple and ordered. As your toddler grows up, there are just not enough gnaw marks on your possessions. Despite having a cat, the house isn't entirely covered in hair. Plus, when you cook and drop a little bit of something, it hits the floor and just stays there.

In such times, you get a dog!

This is Martha, our new puppy. She's just about five months old. We picked her up last weekend with much help and support from our various Portland-area relatives.

She's an Old English Sheepdog. I've always wanted a sheepdog; beautiful breed, nice personalities. And, yes, before you say anything, I know about the grooming. Those coats require a bit of brushing. Right now, she still has her puppy coat, though.

Good news is that she's fairly mellow, even for a puppy. We're working on early housebreaking but she seems to be getting the idea.

And she dotes on Timothy! She's always interested in what he's doing and has surprised him with more than one sneak-around-the-side face lick.

More updates to come, of course.
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