Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

The Con approaches!

Poll #1454007 Will you be at RainFurrest?

Only two weeks until...

...I'll be at RainFurrest. See you there!
...I'll be missing RainFurrest. Bummer.
...I don't know where I'll be. I don't plan that far in advance!
...purple space weasels eat my brain.

I'm getting prepared for the con. Still have far too much to do yet at the same time I'm anxious -- really looking forward to it.

I have four panels to do (plus some GoH functions). I'm doing two specialty ones: Patterning and Fursuiting on the Cheap. These are taking some extra preparation to ensure I have new presentation materials and specific examples. I also got a projector so I'm trying to get everything into a laptop slideshow and seem all organized and stuff. :P

I'm also on two general panels: Body Construction and Head Construction. Always good to cover these topics for people tackling their first project. And I'll try to think of as many different things to throw in as I can -- broad coverage of approaches and such -- to keep it interesting.

Oh and if you've been thinking about getting my book, "Critter Costuming," there will be copies available at con. Cheaper than Amazon plus you can catch me and have me personally deface your copy! :)

Fun fun fun... Now back to the workroom...

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