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Migraine Day

At home today... Bored because I don't feel quite well enough to do any of the dozen or so things I should be doing. Very frustrating. So I'll sit here and ramble for a bit.

Last night, kit_ping and I saw Brother Bear. A good little movie and oh-so-overly cute and furry. Artistically well done. The characters were animated with both comedy and subtlety, which we haven't seen in enough recent films. The direction and voices weren't particularly special but the quality and care put into the animation saved it. The music... uhh... was superfluous. Yeah.

The story is well written though unoriginal, as with most Disney offerings. But they did a good job weaving in Native American spiritual themes and symbology. The animal kinship and transformation mean this movie is bound to become a touchstone among the spiritual furry crowd (with good reason). I have to confess that I found it very personally significant in its portrayal of man's relationship and lack of tolerance towards animals (think about my "totem"... the ones usually referred to as "vermin" and "pests"). Plus we get, for once, what furries would call a happy ending to the archetypal transformation storyline!

And I blush to admit it, but I really think the McKenzie characters are hilarious. Part of it is that they (Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas) are great comedians. I'm an old SCTV fan. (Gads, I wish they'd rerun that series!) The other part of it is that I think northern semi-fictional accents sound spiffy! (The movie Fargo also earned bonus points with me for cool regionalisms.)

Two fuzzy thumbs up. If you're furry, you should definitely see it. If not, catch it if you're in the mood for some good ol' fashioned Disney fantasy and humor.

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