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Halloween Fun

Had a fun time this Halloween! We had family and friends over (including Tim's two cousins and a boy Tim's age from up the street) and we went trick or treating downtown.

Bainbridge Island is a fun little place. There's a scenic downtown shopping district in Winslow, just off from where the ferry comes in. They basically close four blocks of that street and all the stores and businesses do trick or treating from 4-6.

And I think the whole island turns out for this event! Plus I know a lot of people come in from the peninsula. The street is a swirl of people. Not so crowded you can't get around and see the costumes (a solid mob wouldn't be fun) but a continuous stream that definitely qualifies as a "crowd".

There were a lot of the usual mass-produced costumes but also a fair amount of creativity. Either people put things together in a fun way (dad as a gorilla carrying a babe as a banana) or entirely homemade ones (there were some cool robots out there).

I went in Tatters the werewolf and Timothy was along as my "little bad wolf" in a hood with ears, paws, and a tail. This is really his first Halloween -- rather, his first trick or treating. He had a blast! We went around as a pair and got lots of compliments, which was a big ego-boo for me. I got in a few good werewolf scares, too.

And I got to ham it up... Walking on the sidewalk down streets open to traffic I was getting some car honks and lots of waving kids hands. We stopped where someone was doing photo shoots and the next people in line wanted to know if they could get their picture with the wereolf! The photographer had to explain that, no, I was just another visitor and not part of the official setup. :)


(More pictures coming just as soon as I can get them off various people's cameras.)

And I think there's a chance Tim will be into fursuits... Going out to breakfast this morning, he felt the seat of his pants and said, "No tail! Where's my tail?" So we all went out to breakfast and one of us had a little wolfy tail swinging behind him. (No, not me. Though I was tempted, too.)

Hope everyone had a happy, safe, and furry Halloween! :D

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