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For the past four years I've participated in NaNoWriMo (and really enjoyed it). If you're interested in a crazy writing project or have had a story idea kicking around the back of your brain for a while, give it a shot. It's not too late to get started!

But not me this year. I'm doing a NaNoEdMo! This is an offshoot for editing your novels, though it's not normally done in November.

That my personal lappy is dead and I'm borrowing time on my work computer is one reason. But the real reason is just that I have a good second draft of last year's novel (NaNo 08 -- "A Place Without Walls") that I really want to finish up.

I took it to my writer's group and got a lot of good critiques on it as well as encouraging comments. (One guy whom I rather like despite having a different style, genre preference, and overall attitude spent most of the session making very direct but valid comments -- "I didn't like this scene because yadda yadda. Didn't work." -- at the end said that it was still a good story and asked how soon I planned to query agents!)

So I want to finish this one up and get it ready to send out. That'll mean a moderate amount of rewriting (because I agree there are major scenes that just don't work right), shuffling of sections, and lots and lots of polishing. The standard goal of NaNoEdMo is 50 hours of editing, which is what I'll follow. I will update my "wordcount" on the NaNo site based on 1hr=1Kw.

As a final note, all of my writing posts are under a friends filter to keep my "regular" journal a bit easier to read. If you're interested in following NaNoWriMo or my writing generally, let me know by commenting on this post. (If you can see a post around now about the Scrivener program, you're on the filter already.) The filter isn't used to keep things "hidden" though I obviously expect you to respect it if I do share anything.

A happy November to all, madly writing or otherwise. :)

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