Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

Morning Maunderings

I just discovered something disturbing in the shower. No, not that. I know about the ring of stuff around the drain and I have honestly been meaning to clean it. No, it has to do with the bottles.

There’s a good-sized collection of bottles in there and I glanced at some of the labels. A high proportion of them are “moisturizing.” You’d think this wouldn’t be a problem in a shower, where water is typically quite plentiful. Perhaps it’s designed to help hair absorb water? Is that why long hair seems to flow? Is that why they refer to hair having waves?

More concerning than that was the issue of “exfoliating” products. Now I’m not entirely clear on the technical meaning of this term but we can figure it out pretty easily from examining the word. We can see the same root, so to speak, as in “foliage.” We also have the “ex-“ prefix which indicates removal.

So there’s a need to remove leaves. This is quite disturbing. I wasn’t aware that my wife had a leaf problem but this would obviously be a sensitive topic. I’ve not noticed any leaves sprouting from her skin… Perhaps she’s nipped the problem in the bud?

There’s also a lot of “nourishing” bottles. They tend to have pictures of leaves and flowers on them. Isn’t this counterproductive, like having a humidifier and dehumidifier in the same room?

So many mysteries..

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