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What I did on my summer unemployment/vacation

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Yes, I am writing a book about fursuiting! This is the draft of the front cover image. (By January, I'll have a book attached to the cover, too!)

Currently, there isn't much out there about mascots and animals in the costuming literature. My instructional book covers construction plus other aspects of the craft. To give you an idea, the contents are split into six major sections:
1. Character Design
2. Materials and Workspaces
3. Head Construction Techniques
4. Body Construction Techniques
5. Accessories, Makeup, and Extras
6. Performance Tips

The writing and photos are almost finished at this point! Then we have editing, final layout, and printing. I'll be taking some preview chapters with me to Midwest FurFest next week to show around. The actual book is scheduled for first release at Further Confusion in January.

Thanks to all my cohorts and conspirators who've been helping me along with this project since I began writing this past spring! Special thanks to the ones making the cover photo possible: chairoraccoon, DarkFang, 3catsjackson, yippee, ysengrin. Putting a book together is a lot of work! :) So that's the big announcement... I'll continue to post details and status as publication looms closer.
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