Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

Thanksgiving and OryCon

Had a generally good weekend. In fact, I had a great weekend up until about 11:00 Saturday night.

As previously mentioned, did our traditional family Thanksgiving meal with parents and in-laws down in Portland. Went really well and our cooking went surprisingly smoothly. Granted, we only did a few things (turkey, gravy, dressing, green bean side dish) but it was nice to have them all turn out great.

Meal and visiting were fun. Other people had some delicious items to bring. Special thanks to witchofnovember for the homemade almond caramels.

On Friday and Saturday, we went over to OryCon. It's a Portland Sci-Fi & Fantasy convention that's fairly large and (of interest to me) has a strong writing track. Friday it was Kit, me, and Witchy.

Saturday, we also had Timothy. Since we had the foresight to buy a collapsible stroller to wheel around, it actually went well. He seemed to really have a good time. There was also some kids programming, with storytelling and filking. I think he's just going to be a natural con geek! (As we were leaving, 'round 10:30, we passed the door to the dance and he started bouncing to the music and asking to go dance. Hooboy!)

I got to attend about 6 panels during Friday and Saturday related to writing and publishing. Plus some kids stuff and some random fun things (e.g. Buckaroo Banzai 25th anniversary talk).

On the way home Saturday night, as indicated in my last post, we ran into some trouble. Our right rear tire blew out on the freeway. We pulled off into a neighborhood and (slowly, fumblingly) changed out the tire for the spare. Fortunately we had everything we needed and it wasn't raining or anything. (Actually the first time I've had to do a roadside tire change.)

Sunday was therefore not spent at the con. Sunday was spent looking for the one open tire store that had a tire of just the right size.

We found one in Vancouver (WA not BC, thankfully). But we did finally get our vehicle freeway-bound by 4pm which means we got a later start back north than we wanted which means we hit all the returning holiday traffic. We got home at 10pm, which means about 5 hours for Portland->Seattle. Yeah.

Still, we're back, everyone's safe and sound and -- assuming we somehow ignore the unexpected time-sink, aggravation, and expenses of Sunday -- it was a holiday weekend to be thankful for.

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