Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

Tricky Trigraphs

Another word puzzle, this time a bit easier (I think). Each numbered item has two missing words. They share the same first three letters. So if I wanted to demonstrate how this puzzle works I might use "worthy words" but NOT an "excellent example".

There's no particular relationship between the words other than the initial letters and fitting in the sentence. Make sense? Makes sentences? Enjoy!

1. So we move into the heart of the year's seasonal darkness. Yet it's somehow charming. I find it a ___ ___.

2. Outside we don't have the blustery winds or driving snow other areas have had. It's very mild and wimpy for the time of year. All in all, it's ___ ___.

3. But it's still cold, with a chill in the soil. I hope there are no amphibians in the springs below our woods because they'll be ___ ___.

4. We get to spend some time indoors as a family, though even inside it's a bit nippy. We never had our chimney swept so we can't light a fire and warm up 'round a ___ ___.

5. Though we're not especially religious, we do like Christmas. We take a larger view of it, embracing the many different aspects, to really celebrate a ___ ___.

6. Inside, we didn't have much floor space for a Christmas tree. I thought we might do it in miniature by shopping around tree lots for a __-__ ___.

7. Then it's time to festoon! My friends have all been trying to gift me with extra seasonal trinkets to put up. But we have so many already that've I've ended up ___ ___.

8. Besides, we're really into the holiday spirit. We only want spirited tree trimmings -- to the point of being downright stubborn little things. Yes, our theme is ___ ___.

9. And in place of the usual silver tinsel I found some that comes in bright and gaudy colors. Believe me, it wasn't easy to find such ___ ___.

10. By contrast, we chose the most conservative and plain tree topper we could find. It's a ___ ___.

11. We found out that we forgot to buy something to hang in the doorway. I guess there'll be no sneaky smooches while we're ___ ___.

12. Then I went to hang some greenery on our front door and I slipped on the icy porch! My arms got all tangled in it as I fell. I think I accidentally invented the sport of ___ ___.

13. Finally, I put up a modern yard display. These are the old sled-pullers but updated furry characters, very commercial. My hitherto hidden marketing streak has produced a complete ___ ___.

14. Since these characters are modern, they need to have accessories. I hung glittering charms all along the harness of one in particular. I call that ___ ___.

15. If you've braved the puzzle this far, I salute you. Happy holidays! I hope you'll forgive my tongue-in-cheek fun; it's just ___ ___.

(You can feel free to post answers. Everyone should assume the comments contain spoilers.)

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