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Which Frivolous Web Quiz Are You?

With the scary proliferation of frivolous web quizzes, such as Which Atomic Element Are You?, I've decided to list, as a public service, the few useless web quizzes not yet written. So get cracking, you quiz authors!

  • What piece of silverware are you?
    (Will you be a spoon that's too big?)

  • Which character from "A Tale of Two Cities" are you?
    (You are SO Doctor Manette)

  • Which keyboard key are you?
    (Hands up all those who want to be "Insert" or "Enter"? I thought so, you pervs.)

  • What morse code letter are you?
    (G: You start out with a fairly long spot, pause for just a moment, have rather another long spot, then at the end you drop off into relative shortness.)

  • Which monopolistic media conglomerate are you?
    (In a few years, this quiz may only have one possible answer.)

  • What under-ten-cent hardware store item are you?
    (I'm a wingnut.)

  • Which pain relief drug are you?
    (Take this quiz twice and call me in the morning.)

  • Which method of book binding are you?
    (Insert your own joke involving the words "hard bound" here.)

  • What HTML tag are you?
    (Damn, it actually exists. And I was just making things up... I'd better stop now.)

[Thanks to 3catsjackson for inspiration on this one.]
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