Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

Categories Puzzle

This is a "categories" puzzle which can range from really easy to really hard, depending on which category you're working on and whether you use Google. :)

For each letter in the theme word, name something in the category that begins with that letter. Any answer that works is "right" and some of them have many possible answers. See how fast you can go!

The theme word for this puzzle is R O D E N T.

If the category was "gemstones", you could use Ruby, Opal, Diamond, Emerald, etc. (I chose this as the example because I couldn't find an N answer.)


  1. Common First Names (e.g. Peter)
  2. LJ Usernames (e.g. Penh)
  3. Types of Animals (e.g. Penguin)
  4. Countries (e.g. Panama)
  5. Music Genres (e.g. Polka)
  6. Major Cities (e.g. Paris)
  7. Elements (e.g. Platinum)
  8. Rivers (e.g. Po)
  9. Solar System Bodies (e.g. Persephone)
  10. Units of Measure (e.g. Pounds)
  11. Film Titles (e.g. Planet of the Apes)

Have fun!

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