Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

Further Confusion Followup

Some random extra comments post-con:

New hotel seems generally good, though both they and the con had a few issues. It was the first time here and I expect most of the snags will be ironed out for next year. I think the downtown location is far better than the Doubletree; I wasn't parking so I didn't have that issue. Also, it's a little detail, but I love custom con keycards!

Sonic -- I know him only by that generic fan name but you probably know who I mean if you saw him. Actually a very nice rendition of an admittedly challenging character to adapt. I got to chat with him a little before the fursuit parade and it turns out that this was not only his first fursuit (made it entirely himself) but also his first furry con! Way past cool. (Anyone know if he's on LJ or got more info?)

Lack of touch in our society is one thing that I really seemed to notice post-con this time around. I like the fact that furries hug and scritch and are generally pretty relaxed about that. During FC I gave out three backrubs to people whom I'd met less than an hour before. It's a friendly subculture that also promotes relaxation, joint health, and blood flow. :)

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